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Our Staff

Ben Cepparulo

Manager of Systems & Processes, Persad Center

Project Lead,  Phoenix Fitness Gym



Ben Cepparulo serves as the Manager of Systems and Processes at Persad Center and Project Lead of Phoenix Fitness. Having relocated from Brooklyn, New York, to Pittsburgh in 2021, Ben was determined to transition from the film industry to the non-profit sector, particularly with a focus on serving the LGBTQ+ community. Upon discovering Persad Center, he recognized it as the ideal organization for him.

During his time in New York City, Ben had benefited from a similar LGBTQ+ resource center like Persad Center, which provided crucial support for his personal transition. Without such a center, he acknowledges that he wouldn't be in the position he is today. Through his own experiences, Ben gained insight into the challenges and discomfort faced by transgender individuals in gym settings. This awareness fueled his passion and drive to bring this project to fruition, aiming to create an inclusive and supportive environment for the Trans and GNC community at Phoenix Fitness.



Monday – Friday: 8am – 7pm
​​Saturday & Sunday: closed

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