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Committee Member


Kitty Valentine

Blue Moon / 5801

Pronouns - any

Kitty Valentine was voted Pittsburgh City Paper’s Best Bouncer 2023 and is also well known as a local Trivia and Open Mic Host.

Kitty is a familiar face to most people in the Pittsburgh LGBTQIA+ community. They spend a lot of their time concerned with the wellbeing and physical safety of its members. Kitty feels that nurturing body confidence is an important component of a physically and emotionally healthy transition. In Kitty’s experience, gyms are not always the most supportive places for people in transition, and having our own space to pursue fitness goals fills a major gap in available services. Kitty’s hope is that this gym will help foster the kind of physical and social confidence in our community members that leads to happy and healthy transitions.



Monday – Friday: 8am – 7pm
​​Saturday & Sunday: closed

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